About Lange PSV

  • Family-owned
  • 20+ years in operations
  • Dedicated to Stationery
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What we do

We produce a range of quality PP films

Lange PSV produces a range of quality films, mainly made from Polypropylene at its production facility close to Dortmund, Germany.

We have a strong knowledge of the stationery film market in Europe and supply big, middle and small customers from Mexico to Egypt. Our staff is multi-lingual.


Our Cast Extrusion Equipment

Reifenhäuser MIDEX

Our advanced Reifenhäuser MIDEX line crafts PP films from 30my to 300my, up to 1550mm wide. With an orange-peel Chill-Roll and 3kW Corona pre-treatment, expect precision and quality.

Reifenhäuser LAMICOR

Our Reifenhäuser LAMICOR co-ex extrusion coating line facilitates trials and developments with a 1200mm die width, various feed-blocks, and 10kW Corona pre-treatment equipment.


What our clients say

Lukasz Nowak

Customer in Poland

Elena Bianchi

Customer in Italy

Ingrid Hansen

Customer in Scandinavia

Markus Weber

Customer in Germany

“We were genuinely impressed with your film material, as using film from your competitor forced us to halt production on a crucial item. Your product has allowed us to maintain continuous production, which has been critical for our operations.”

“We appreciate the quality of your product and service so much that we are willing to pay a bit more to ensure we don't have to rely on your competitor. We're interested in expanding our partnership and increasing the volume of our orders.”

“It is consistently a pleasure to communicate with your team. The responses are not only quick but also knowledgeable and friendly, making every interaction smooth and productive.”

“Your team's expertise and efficiency in handling our requests have exceeded our expectations. The product quality is outstanding, and your proactive communication ensures we are always well-informed and confident in our business transactions.”


We are located near Dortmund, Germany