Our Film and Coating Solutions

We offer state-of-the-art services for film production and coating, utilizing our advanced Reifenhäuser LAMICOR multi-layer co-extrusion coating line.

Services Offered

Production Capabilities

Film Types

  • Mono Films: Including recycled PE thermoforming films
  • Coex Films: Up to three different materials streams with options for up to five layers (e.g., BACAB, CCCAA, ACAB...), offering extraordinary flexibility in layer structure and properties
  • Coating Options: We can coat a variety of substrates with materials ranging from fleece to paper, accommodating coating thicknesses from 2 to 900 g/m²

Maximum Production Width

Up to 1050mm, tailored to reduce waste for specified widths like 720mm.

Equipment Capabilities

Our Reifenhäuser LAMICOR line features:

Die Width

1200mm with internal deckling to adjust the film width according to specific requirements, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.


  • A) Twin-screw Reitruder for advanced material mixing and compounding
  • B) Extruder 50 for smaller, more precise jobs
  • C) Extruder 100 for high throughput


A dozen options for various layer geometries, enabling the production of films with unique properties.

Substrate Handling

Our main unwinder supports continuous operations with auto splicing, handling substrates from 20 microns to 400gsm. The second unwinder enables extrusion lamination of two substrates.

Material Versatility

We can extrude materials from 2 to 1000 microns thick, including PE, PP, TPU, EVA, and EVOH.


10kW Corona equipment ensures superior substrate adhesion and quality in the final product.

Our promise


We embrace challenges and are committed to innovating in the field of materials science.

With our advanced equipment and experienced team, there is almost no project we wouldn’t tackle after proper preparation.

Trust us to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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